Wycombe Abbey School

At Wycombe Abbey Hong Kong, we are constantly seeking ways to enhance our educational environment while also promoting sustainable practices. We also understand that school uniforms can be a significant expense for families, especially as children grow and require new sizes. To address this concern while also fostering a sense of community and environmental responsibility, we have created a platform for donating and buying second-hand school uniforms.


How it Works:
In partnership with TASS x Retykle, the School runs an online second-hand uniform shop that sells previously worn uniform items to parents. The platform will allow parents to donate their gently used school uniforms for sale, including items such as shirts, trousers, skirts, dresses, and jackets. Other parents can browse the listings and purchase the items they need.

Quality Assurance:
All uniforms listed for sale will undergo a quality check to ensure they are in good condition and meet our school's standards. We want to ensure that every purchase made through the platform is a reliable and cost-effective option for our families.

Community engagement:
The School will donate the income generated from the resale to a carefully selected NGO in Hong Kong. By doing that, we can make a positive impact on the lives of those in need within our local community.

Shop: We currently have a selection of second-hand uniforms available for sale. If you're looking to purchase quality, gently used uniforms, explore the available items.

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Policy and Guidelines:
We encourage you to review the guidelines for comprehensive information on how to participate in second-hand uniform sales.

Guidelines and Policies

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm towards this venture.