Mandatory School Bus Policy

Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong is committed to being a good and responsible neighbour to the Tin Wan community and to addressing traffic-related concerns from Tin Wan residents. We will implement a Mandatory School Bus Policy to minimise additional traffic along Tin Wan Street during school opening hours and to ensure smooth traffic flow at key junctions near the school during morning and afternoon peak hours. 

All admitted students are required to indicate the mode of transport they will use when coming to and from school. In addition, their parents are required to sign the declaration in order to complete enrolment.
With the exception of students who opt to take public transportation to get to and from school, parents of all other students must sign a School Bus Agreement before the start of each new school year and abide by the requirements throughout the school year.


A non-refundable, non-transferrable advance payment for school bus fees is required. Information on school bus routes and actual fees will be provided to parents when available.

Under special circumstances, such as if a student falls ill, for persistent medical reasons or in emergency situations, students can be dropped off and picked up by private vehicles only in designated areas of the adjacent carpark. The School takes no responsibility related to any fees incurred from the usage of the car park.

Violations to the School Bus Agreement will result in the School issuing a warning letter to the student. Repeated violations may jeopardise the student’s place at Wycombe Abbey School.

Exceptions to this policy will only be approved on a case-by-case basis.