Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong opens its doors for the first day of term on 5th September


Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong opened yesterday and children flooded through the doors for their first day of term. The new co-educational primary school draws on the prestigious academic heritage of Wycombe Abbey UK, one of the highest performing academic schools in Britain.

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The new school is headed by Howard Tuckett, a leading educator with 35 years of experience in British Prep School Headship, and a specialist in preparing primary children for entry to the best Secondary schools in the World.

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The School's bespoke curriculum is based on the National Curriculum for England with a strong daily Chinese Language Program, and an extended school day which allows for a comprehensive extra-curricular program to develop the ‘whole’ child. This holistic approach to education supports success in the Common Entrance exam and ‘Builds Confidence for Life’, which is the schools’ motto.

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Entry admissions are now open for Primary Years 1 to 6, and prospective parents are encouraged to Apply online soon to obtain an assessment place for their children while slots are still available.

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To find out more about the history and ethos of the school and to meet the Headmaster, prospective parents can go to www.was.edu.hk to book an ‘Explore’ meeting, these are held every Monday evening at 6.30pm at the schools’ Central office.


To see the school in operation during the day, Tin Wan School School Campus Tours can be booked through the school website. Sign up for tour appointments from 16th September 2019.

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