Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong - The Bursary Scheme

At Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong, we provide the finest possible primary education in Hong Kong, in line with the quality of education and excellence that our school name in the United Kingdom is renowned for.


As a private school the cost of our education can be beyond the affordability of some families. For this reason, a donation has been gifted to allow children who are capable of flourishing at the school but whose families may not be able to afford the tuition fees, to enroll.
  The Bursary Scheme (the "Scheme")
Through the Scheme, we aim to:
  • Admit children in Hong Kong who will benefit from an academic education and who will contribute to and benefit from the ethos and activities of our school community. WASHK will only admit a child who has met the academic criteria in accordance with the School Admissions Policy;
  • Offer children of parents/guardians eligible for means-tested financial support as a consequence of financial or other pertinent circumstances, the opportunity to benefit from a WASHK education by the provision of bursarial support;
  • Broaden access to children of the highest education calibre to benefit from a WASHK education;
  • Ensure that all applicant families for bursarial support are considered equitably and consistently. The nature of the awards will be in the form of waiver or reduction of tuition fees in varying amounts, based on the circumstances of the award.
An applicant will be eligible for the Scheme if:
  • Families who would like their child to attend WASHK(applicable for Year 1 - Year 8), whose total family income falls below a set threshold.
  • The student is for permanent resident status in Hong Kong.
  Criteria and Assessment
WASHK will consider a number of factors in assessing an applicant/s financial status and needs, in considering if the applicant qualifies for the Scheme. Relevant factors include the applicant's household income and assets.


WASHK may request further documentary evidence and conduct spot checks on any application, including conducting home visits, interviews and independent searches.
  Bursarial Assistance
  • The Bursarial assistance in the form of an allowance of up to 100% of school fees payable at WASHK, based on financial or other pertinent circumstances of the applicant. Additional support for related costs, such as capital levy, transport, uniform, etc., are accessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • A review of the bursary will be conducted annually or after the bursary period.
  • The student will need to maintain full-time enrollment status with minimal absences throughout the bursary period.
  How to Apply
  • All students applying for Bursarial Assistance are required to be registered and assessed for entry and have been offered a place at the school before any application for bursarial assistance is made.
  • Once a student has been assessed and offered a place at the school, the bursarial application process can begin. All bursary applications are made via our Admissions department, you will be provided with the application form and assisted by the same member of the admissions team who has been working with you on your application for entry.
  • Applications for Bursarial Assistance are made via an application form which includes a full financial statement.
  • The financial information of the applicant is confidential and will only be seen by the Headmaster and the Bursarial Awards Committee.
  • All applications for bursarial assistance are assessed by the Bursarial Awards Committee.
  • The award of a bursary to a student will always be kept confidential.
  • Bursarial awards are made for the life of the child's time at the school unless family income changes significantly.
  • Families in receipt of a bursarial award will be required to complete an annual financial statement report during the life of the bursary.
If you would like to apply the scheme, please contact us admissions@was.edu.hk  
Further Information  

For a confidential discussion to find out more about our Bursary Scheme, please contact the school to make an appointment to meet the Headmaster. The meeting can be held in English, Cantonese or Mandarin.